pulent, extravagant, idyllic, luxurious, sophisticated; these are just some of the ways how visitors and residents alike describe this so-called "oasis in the desert".

It is a place of fascinating fusion between modern marvels and timeless traditions. A hub for travelers and traders, Dubai sits on the calm blue waters of the Southern Arabian Gulf, offering visitors and locals a glimpse into the exotic charms and diverse culture of the Middle East. Dubai with its year round sunshine and seven star living is gaining in international acclaim. From a desert turned city turned cosmopolitan capital of the Middle East rivaling New York, London, Paris and Milan.

Boasting some of the finest living standards in the world, Dubai 's ultra-modern architecture sits in stark contrast to its traditional mosques.

Dubai is a city of wonders and has a seemingly endless source of appeal, whether it is shopping, sightseeing, or simply relaxing, this modern marvel offers it all.